Military Time Conversion & How To Read

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Military Time Conversion & How To Read

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    This allows for the coordination of activities across different time zones and ensures that everyone is working on the same schedule. In aviation, Zulu time is used to ensure that all flights are operating on the same schedule, regardless of their location. This helps to prevent confusion and ensures the safety and efficiency of operations. In countries where people use standard AM/PM time, military time is typically used to refer to the modified 24-hour timekeeping used by the military and government agencies. For most people, it can be difficult to memorize and use the military time chart ( One of the best ways to learn is just by making a clock and practicing telling time. After a few repetitions, it will become easy, and hopefully, even second nature. Many veterans today only use a watch with military time. Sometimes military time is referred to as “24 Hour Time” and this system eliminates the need for “am” and “pm”. Because of the simple time concepts used it allows for less confusion and is the time reference choice of military communities, medical field and also the scientific fields! It has become the choice and more of the universal time as many parts of the world utilize this time telling method. Places like Philippines, Germany, Australia, India and many others use and understand military time. Converting military time minutes to standard time works by multiplying by 60. For example, converting 0.005 military time minutes, you just multiply 0.005 by 60 which is 3 minutes. Getting it back to the standard time becomes dividing by 60. You can convert 12-hour standard time to military time by reversing the steps above. Then, rewrite the time in standard time by placing the hours and minutes with a colon in between, and appending pm since the hours were greater than 12. After noon (1200 hours), to translate the regular time in the afternoon and evening, you simply add 12 hours to be within military standards. For those still learning the 24-clock system, a simple way to translate afternoon and evening hours into civilian time is to subtract 12. For example, for 2000 hours, subtract 12 from 20 to get 8 p.m.

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