Gelato Machine

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Gelato Machine

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    SOME SORT OF domestic ice cream maker is a machine used to produce small quantities of its polar environment cream for personal ingestion. Ice cream makers may perhaps prepare the mixture by using the hand-cranking method or using an electric motor. The resulting preparation is usually chilled through either pre-cooling the device or by employing some sort of machine which freezes your mixture.
    There are four types of electric ice cream equipment. Each has an electric motor that drives your bowl or the use the machine to stir the concoction. The major difference involving the four is how a cooling is performed.
    Counter-top machines use a double-walled bowl with a solution between the walls (typically distilled waters and urea) that freezes below 32 °F (0 °C). In a very domestic freezer, this requires about 24 hours before the cutter is ready. Once frosty, the bowl is place into the Gelato Machine, the mixture is added to the bowl, and the device started. The paddles switch, stirring the mixture because it gradually freezes through contact while using frozen bowl. After 20 to thirty minutes, the answer for any between the double walls thaws, and the cool cream freezes. This kind of machine has the good thing about being relatively inexpensive; then again, a pre-frozen bowl makes only one batch at any given time. The bowl must be refrozen to create another batch. Multi-batches require extra bowls for the machine, which require excess freezer space.
    Small freezer-unit machines sit inside the freezer (or the freezer component to the refrigerator) and operate similar to a food processor inside slow-motion. Every few just a few seconds, the paddles stir the mixture to forestall formation of large its polar environment crystals. When the snow cream sufficiently freezes, this paddles automatically stop revolving and lift. Since the mixture is cooled inside freezer, it takes more to freeze than different ice cream makers, which work by putting the ice cream tank in direct contact considering the cooling element. A disadvantage is always that the freezer door has to get closed over the toned cord, which is plugged on the nearest power outlet.
    The compressor ice cream makers are also known for their flexibility to churn quickly without freezing the ingredients very first. All you have to try and do is add in your own ingredients, set up, and let it work its magic. It is the fast freezing method that has made this sort of ice cream maker very well liked. This means that you can save on time and electricity costs.
    The fourth form of electric ice cream maker uses an outer tub containing ice and salt pertaining to chilling using freezing place depression. An inner container holds the ice cream mixture and churn as well as scraper assembly. A high-speed energy motor, geared at approximately 75 rpm, drives any mechanism that simultaneously rotates the actual canister, counter-rotates the scraper, plus holds the churn paddles fixed. As the canister turns, the ice cream mixture freezes from the inner wall of this canister. The counter-rotating scraper continually removes the frozen product from your canister wall and returns it for the mixture. The continuing turning motion of the canister against the immobile churn paddles causes the mixture to be increasingly thick. Enough time, ice and salt yields a smooth “hard packed” its polar environment cream.

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