Code of the Heart: Gematria as a Bible Decoder Bible Code Series David, Earl;.

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Code of the Heart: Gematria as a Bible Decoder Bible Code Series David, Earl;.

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    Skeptics, however, have noted that gematria can be employed as “proof” to support diametrically opposing positions, depending on the words and phrases one chooses to highlight and calculate. A somewhat tongue-in-cheek illustration of this involved an attempt to predict the 2016 United States presidential election through the gematria of the candidates’ names. The author of the article showed how this line of reasoning could be used just as easily to predict the victory of either candidate. Nevertheless, gematria continues to have an appeal in some quarters. Sefer Yetzirah, the earliest kabbalistic text, believed to have been written in the 2nd century CE, was the first kabbalistic text to elaborate a system of gematria. This text is concerned with God’s creation of the universe through the powers of the Hebrew alphabet, and with the permutations of God’s name. The mystic practitioner could, it was believed, use this knowledge to harness the powers of creation. Sefer Yetzirah supposedly contains the instructions to create a golem, the legendary creature made out of mud, popularized by the Maharal of Prague in the 19th century. You can find the Full Reduction Gematria in the form of English alphabets.You are given the corresponding numerical values to the first nine words of English alphabets. We are repeating the numeric values to the next nine words, and you would have noticed the value so the English word “z” is “8”. We have also shown that to obtain “exactly” 2 (with the approximation implicit in using Napier’s number “e”), it suffices to add only 4.5 hours to 1737 × 7 × 24 hours. These 4.5 hours can be interpreted as the time necessary to complete the day of Jesus’ death (23 April 34) and also to complete the day of Jesus’ birth, therefore estimating his birth time. The rationale for considering this particular ratio, from a Christian point of view, is the following. In other words, the ratio (1) expresses the relationship between the two divine activities, Creation and Incarnation, both related to Jesus. In case you beloved this information and also you desire to get more details about – View the un-Textised (original) version of the page i implore you to go to our own internet site. By comparing two or more words or phrases with the same numerical total, conclusions can be drawn about their relationship (Hardiman, 2019). Of course, the possible relationships are so many that the investigation should be carried out by having in mind a possible meaning and verify it with gematria, otherwise one gets lost. It would seem that the transcendence of this holy ratio of pi has been hiding beneath our language this entire time. And according to the symbolic representation of the Tetragrammaton, the ratio of pi seems to have a direct connection to this Great Mystery many of us simply call, God. Nature invariably is going to find the easiest, most frugal way to do something. Economy is nature’s calling card and shows how truly intelligent she is.

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